The Marriage of Ho’oponopono and Brainwave Technology

From ancient times to modern day, people are constantly looking for transformation and for ways to maximize the joy in their life – and how can you maximize joy when you’re constantly being held back by the past? We can’t move forward if we’re mired in old ways thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Sometimes we get stuck. We remember our mother or father saying something unkind and it echoes through to impact our present life. We were fired from a job and we store away the experience in our heart and mind. Our hearts were broken, but did we forget or did it have an impact?

In order to take charge of our healing, we have to leave the past behind and create a clean slate of inner peace and creativity.


Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian technique of self-forgiveness and love that stems from a form of meditation. Words are powerful and by reciting phrases to yourself, such as I Love You and I Forgive You, we begin to forgive and love ourselves, thus creating space for change. Because Ho’oponopono means “to set things right,” the practice of Ho’oponopono is all about cleansing ourselves from within and taking total responsibility for our choices – all of them, even if they seem too small to matter. It also gives us a new perspective on the past. This is a core way to continue to develop ourselves and work on changing our belief systems.


There is another layer of comfort offered through SoulTranSync. While Ho’oponopono gives us the awareness to shed beliefs that are no longer working for us, audiowave technology can be the missing link that connects our developing selves with our personal energy. Audiowave technology is quickly becoming one of the most positive and affirming ways to bring yourself to a higher consciousness. For many, audiowave technology can offer peace and tranquility; it can also act as the first step to access the peace and transformation of meditation. Considered a way to train the brain and subconscious, audiowave technology has been used for everything from enhancing your intelligence to decreasing or entirely eliminating all kinds of addictions.


The marriage of this ancient self-transformation technique with audiowave technology offers those who are either new or familiar with meditation a chance to begin to experience a unique way to find personal peace, transformation, and healing.

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