The Super Conscious Mind and Happiness

The key to happiness is learning the structure of your three minds and to begin working with all three of them.  Through understanding and working with your minds, you can cleanse all of your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

There is increasing medical evidence that negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are kept ‘trapped’ within are the cause for most, if not all, of the major chronic illnesses, both mental and physical.  These emotions are the result of past events that you have repressed or “stuffed,” that is, have not dealt with at the time of occurrence.


You keep them trapped in your Unconscious Mind where they hold and block large amounts of mana energy.  When you do not acknowledge them appropriately, every time something else happens that triggers them, they attempt to come out all at once.  This is why often times when something angers you and your anger seems disproportionate with the current circumstance or situation, it is because that anger, or negative emotion has opened the Unconscious Mind and everything that was trapped within rushes out.


Likewise, if you ever feel like you are just wandering through life aimlessly, seemingly without purpose or meaning, it is because you have lost the connection to your Super Conscious Mind.

Remember, you have three separate and distinct “Minds”, the Conscious, Unconscious, and the Super Conscious Minds.  Another way to look at it is that your Unconscious Mind is your animal part, the emotions, which need to be tamed or managed.  We all need to change our selfishly motivated immaturity into cooperation.  If we do not transmute the anger, frustration, aggression, and selfishness into love, tolerance, and compassion, we will continue to ride a roller coaster of chaos, confusion, and pain.


The Super Conscious Mind is with you to guide and counsel the lower pair of Minds. Its mission is to help them to evolve.  You must find a way to get all three minds to all work together using the best abilities of each; the emotional and memory-bound, deductive Unconscious Mind; the rational, logical and inductive Conscious Mind, and the superior consciousness of the Super Conscious Mind.  Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of meditation to bring the Three Minds together harmoniously. However, you may be wondering how to “connect the dots”, so to speak, how do you actually communicate with the Three Minds?

Your normal mode of communication with others is through speech; however the Super Conscious and Unconscious Minds cannot speak; your gift of speech is specific to the Conscious Mind only.  Therefore, you must find another way to communicate with the other minds.

The Super Conscious and Unconscious Minds do not recognize speech; their form of communication is through symbols or pictures.  Some people communicate through the use of Tarot cards, Runes, Tea Leaves, and other “new age” methods.  While these are good ways, most of them require training.

Once again, I am going to bring up meditation, for through meditation, you use your Conscious Mind to picture, or visualize whatever it is that you want to communicate. This works very well as you may now understand because you are taking what you ‘see’ in the external world and internalizing it through the use of visualization, in other words, symbols and pictures.

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