Tune Your Chakras With Binaural Beats

Your chakras are the energy centers through which your spiritual energy pumps. The chakra network is an extremely important system to work on and develop in order not only to keep your physical health but to work on your spiritual health and development as well.

Chakras are often talked about and helped to open through yoga, meditation and many other different healing modalities.

However, you are fully capable of balancing and tuning your chakras all on your own with a little help from the SoulTranSync Core Cleaning Meditation.

It has been shown that each chakra is stimulated by a different frequency. Sometimes with intense meditation practice people have been able to tune into the right frequency for opening certain chakras. However, this can be very difficult and take years of practice and dedication.

Through the SoulTranSync Core Cleaning Meditation with binaural beats, you are guided to help the brain to experience tuning each of the chakras, plus clearing and cleaning them with the Ho’opnopono mantra.

Your chakras can get depleted after a long and stressful day. They can also become blocked by emotional turbulence and trauma. Therefore if you have had a lot of stress in your day to day life, you will very likely need a chakra tuning.

If you have blockages that you are aware of then you may need to listen to the recording several times to really exercise the opening of the specific chakras.


There are many benefits to tuning your seven chakras including:

  • more energy
  • a shift in consciousness
  • spiritual awakening
  • more grounding
  • more loving
  • relaxation
  • more confidence
  • improved health

Just about every person could benefit from a binaural beats chakra tuning session as all of our energy centers get a little stagnant and blocked sometimes.

The feeling of balance and energy that comes with a chakra tuning session is awesome and you will find that everything flows just a little bit better on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The chakras play an integral part in your journey of self-development.

Photo by DMI Wench

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