Unblocking The Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono

It’s extremely important to remember that in order to communicate with your Super Conscious Mind, you must do so through your Unconscious Mind.  We do not have a direct connection to the Super Conscious Mind and cannot normally communicate directly with the Super Conscious Mind.  However, once you learn to communicate with the Unconscious Mind, which in turn communicates with the Super Conscious Mind, it will eventually seem transparent – as if you do have a direct link to your Super Conscious Mind.


To communicate with our Super Conscious Mind you must send your messages through the Unconscious Mind in the form of symbols or pictures and feelings.  Note: if the Unconscious Mind refuses or ignores the request, no message is sent to the Super Conscious Mind.  That is why many prayers and visualizations do not work; the Unconscious Mind opposes or has a problem with the request.  You have a block in place that will not allow you to receive. Focus on releasing the block and surrendering to receive. Spoken to your inner self, the practice of Ho’oponopono and the words of its mantra: I’m sorry   I love you   Please forgive me   Thank you   will help in the surrendering.


This is why it is so important, even imperative, to get rid of all the negative emotions that are stored in the Unconscious Mind.  Here’s a good example: suppose we want a promotion or a raise at work and we ask the Super Conscious Mind for help us to get it, but the Unconscious Mind is in actuality afraid of taking on the new responsibilities that would come with the promotion due to some past trauma, or negative memory.  In this case, the Unconscious Mind will simply neglect, or ignore the request, and the Super Conscious Mind will never get the message.


Therefore, when you are asking for something from the Super Conscious Mind and not receiving it, ask yourself what could be blocking it in the Unconscious Mind.  This is why it is so critical to learn to ‘talk’ to your Unconscious Mind and communicate with it – so you can learn what negativity resides there and what needs to be cleaned out.

Okay, doesn’t this all make sense?  Doesn’t this help you to better understand the saying, “As above, so below?”

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