Using Binaural Beats to Change Your Life

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin said in his famous books, which later became the hit show of the same name, “Nothing burns like the cold.” Here in South Florida, we’re more likely to burn from heat than from the freezing cold experienced by the rest of the country. Fire of passion? Or the ice of discernment? It’s not a new topic. But even if we’re living in a super tropical climate such as South Florida, we can still feel frozen or stuck in our lives – as if in ice.


Want to get unstuck from your job? Perhaps you’ve been getting paid far less than what you are worth? Or perhaps you’ve simply sick of working in a job you don’t like. Or perhaps it’s a relationship you’ve outgrown, or you feel bogged down in the trappings of your life. How can you break out of the ice of your situation? The use of binaural beats is one way to break out of old patterns that no longer serve you. Binaural beats can give you a new sense of confidence, specifically in problem solving and creativity.


Many people who use binaural beats over a period of time experience greater creativity and more original ideas. It’s also common for people who use this kind of audiowave entrainment to feel able to create and feel the freedom to experiment and take risks without worrying about old patterns or fears.


Different kinds of binaural beats correspond to different kinds of frequencies – and with those frequencies come the associated benefits. For example, while Gamma waves are associated with mental activity, fears and worries, and problem solving while beta waves deal with cognition and concentration. Alpha waves deal with REM sleep and relaxation. With brain entrainment technology, these differing beats are used to motivate changes in your life, giving you the ability to transform your future into whatever you dream.

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