Why We Don’t Take 100% Responsibility

According to Dr. Hew Len, we must take 100% responsibility for our entire lives to get on a healing path. But all too often, we don’t take responsibility for ourselves. I know when I haven’t, it’s been because I was secretly waiting for something to get better on its own or for something bigger than me to come along and save me. You know, like the fairy tale: the fairy godmother would appear up from the ground and wave her magic wand – and suddenly everything would be fixed, perfect, alright.


The truth is that there’s no fairy godmother ready and willing to say a few magic words and make everything better. It’s a seductive line of thinking: if only the godmother, or parent, or lover could just rescue us from our life, all would be perfectly well.

But in the case of Ho’oponopono, we have to be ready and willing to recognize what we would like to change in ourselves. But, sure, wouldn’t it be great if someone else could take care of these things for us? I think the more we view personal responsibility as something irritating, something to be merely endured with the frustration of a floundering teenager, the less we allow ourselves to grow. In order to grow, we must become the only one responsible for ourselves.


Be honest. How often do you put the blame for your actions on someone else? On something external? It’s very easy to walk the same path day after day and blindly expect your life to come together or your dreams to come true. “Oh, the people in my job don’t like me; I can’t get ahead,” we might say. Or “Everyone I date doesn’t really love me.” The truth is that the way we view things and where we decide to put our personal power can radically change our lives.


Take full 100% responsibility for utterly everything in your life: your attitude, your thoughts, your feelings, and your belief systems are all under your power. Use your personal responsibility to improve your life. Recognize that you have choices that you can make, and that every thing you do or don’t do is directly related to choice. Through taking personal responsibility, we can take back control of our life.

Photo by Helen K

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