Zero Limits: Back to Zero With Ho’oponopono

The book, Zero Limits, by Joe Vitale is based on the healing processes and philosophies of Ho’oponopono, the springboard for “returning to the zero state, where nothing exists but anything is possible. In the zero state there are no thoughts, words, deeds, memories, programs, beliefs, or anything else,” writes Vitale, “you don’t need intentions. You simply receive and act.”


Ironically, when Vitale met Dr. Len, he was still knee deep in the successful aftermath of The Secret. Vitale took his experience with Len and Ho’oponopono as a contradiction to the Law of Attraction and the Power of Intention, the focus  of his own highly successful book, The Attractor Factor. Vitale now believed as long as he kept “intending” to so something, he stood in the way of what was really meant to be. In Zero Limits he writes, “As soon as I gave in to inspiration, [as opposed to intention] life was transformed.”

Concerned about those other books “already sold and out there”, Dr. Len assured Vitale that as he improved, so too will the experience of the reader; coming back again to the premise of total responsibility. From our vantage point, The Secret and other like readspoint to the ask/believe/receive system of thought. Zero Limits subscribes to focus within which ultimately releases our controlling intellect and removes the barriers holding back profound success and happiness.

In the past Vitale says he would try to combine existing ideas or products to create new ones. Now he feels it is much more powerful, and less stressful, to simply allow ideas to come to him. He says that ideas began flowing to him as he practiced Ho’oponopono; all he had to do at that point was act on them.


In the Epilogue of Zero Limits, Vitale says his “new understanding” didn’t happen overnight, but through the practice of saying, “I love you” and the other phrases. He feels his transformation is “almost a map of life’s spiritual journey” that can be described in three role playing stages, that of being: the victim, in control and ultimately experiencing awakening.

The victim stage occurs when we don’t feel we have any influence; an effect of the world around us, which is why we complain, moan, gripe and generally feel that life “sucks”. The control stage is when we feel we have the power to set intentions, visualize goals and achieve them (the place he was in prior to meeting Dr. Len). Vitale says we begin to experience success in this stage and believe life is looking pretty good. What happens at some point, however, is that we begin to realize that our “intentions are limitations” and we can’t control everything no matter how empowered we feel. This is when we reach an awakening, the awareness that we must “let go and trust,” and “surrender to a greater power.” In doing so, Vitale says you will live (as he attests to now), “in a constant state of amazement, wonder and gratitude.”


The concepts of Ho’oponopono are fascinating and thought provoking. At the very least, this book will challenge you to seek better living from within. And who doesn’t need a little bit of that?

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