Zero Limits, Ho’oponopono and Adventure

Many world religions look upon this time of year as a time of renewal and resurrection. Having gone to sleep for winter, spring wakes up the world for a new beginning. In past blogs, we’ve talked about how to clear away the clutter and how to create new change in your life. But what about sheer adventure? Isn’t spring also the time to test your limits and find that you have none?


Many years ago, Dr. Hew Lew and writer Joe Vitale combined their Ho’oponopono beliefs into an extraordinary book called Zero Limits. Advertised as a way to break through blocks with the help of Ho’oponopono, Zero Limits is considered to be one of world’s bestselling books on creation and Ho’oponopono. Can we use Ho’oponopono to create adventure and excitement in our lives?


One of the main principles of Ho’oponopono is to have complete freedom from the past. We are only in the present and the past may have happened, but it isn’t important right now. Can we let go of the images of achievement and trust in what is behind the images? What we think is behind the “stuff” is what we want – joy. Ho’oponopono allows and encourages you to be completely and utterly responsible for everything at this moment: everything you think, everything you feel, every truth that you tell, every thought that you have. You are totally responsible for everything: from the state of your home to the state of the world. And from that place of self compassion, you apologize to yourself by saying “I’m sorry for whatever in me has created” a certain negative situation or a personal problem. As you continue this practice, you’ll be increasingly able to create a new world around you, built from the ground up of the kinds of experiences that you seek.


When you test your limits, you may find that the limits are simply gone. They don’t exist anymore. What kind of adventure would you like to create? Mountain climbing? Starting a business? A new relationship? Explore Ho’oponopono and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Photo By: Moyan Brenn

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